Mother Mary

My first conscious experience with Mother Mary was during a soul retrieval session, when she came forth and placed a gift into my hands. I was very surprised because I, unfortunately, was not very close to her. My session concluded and the gift never crossed my mind again.

Later on, when I was meditating, I saw Mother Mary through my third eye, telling me to place her within the confines of a bougainvillea plant located on the patio behind my home. I immediately complied with her desire as shown in the picture below.

When my mother came to visit me, she brought with her a beautiful blue mantle she had created, sewed with golden borders, which we placed upon Mother Mary. It rained hard throughout that night, and the following day the mantle and its golden borders were discolored and stained. Although we were very sad and even contemplated the idea of making another mantle, we did not do so. The following morning, when I went to see Mother Mary, to my surprise the mantle appeared meticulously clean. Although it had rained once again the night before, we knew in our hearts that the sparkling appearance could not have been caused by the rain.

The disappearance of the discoloration and stains on the mantle shall always remain a mystery, but I know for sure that this was Mother Mary’s intervention.

I would like to share another anecdote with you: One day I received a text message from my daughter about a very disturbing event. I was about to cry, when all of the sudden I heard on the radio the Beatles’ song “Let it Be”, and for first time I clearly listened to the lyrics.  I must admit that I had never been a fan of the Beatles’ music, nor that particular song. Although I had heard it on the radio many times, I never knew and understood the message from within. I immediately recognized that it was Mother Mary trying to calm me down.

Mother Mary has been my refuge in moments of distress, and whenever I ask for her assistance, she always provides me with a response, either through a thought, a song or a book. She is always there for me, and I constantly feel her presence guiding and protecting my family and me.

Thank you, beloved Mother Mary.

Let me share with you the following message I received on April 25, 2015,

“I am Mother/Father God Most High

I want to give you some teaching about Faith,

Faith is the conviction that everything is giving according to a Divine Plan,

Is what the majority of humans should apply  more frequently

For without it, things may seem to go in a wrong direction

Faith must be your inner force, the force that pushes you to continue even if you are not getting what you expected.

Let’s use our faith together and nothing will stop you anymore.

There will be no doubts, no fears only conviction that all will end it up well

Believe in yourself believe in your inner power in me within you

In the force that comes from your heart

See it reinforcing your knowledge constantly,

You are a Divine Being.”

The following is a message/conversation I had with Mother Father God on April 24, 2015

While writing to God at the kitchen table:

I am here with you,

I give you shelter, light

I wrap you up constantly,

My love is incommensurable, unlimited

I protect you, I hold you in my arms,

I love you,

I guide you, I enlighten you,

Don’t step out, don’t let the illusion of the world around you disconcert you,

You are perfect! You are my child,

If you are cold, I  will warm you up

If you are hungry, I will feed you,

If you are in doubt I will calm you

You are my most beautiful creation


After I heard such a touching message, I asked God:

How can I write as beautiful as you?

I heard:

“Just let me guide you, I am here to guide you, let me hold you, let me pamper you, you are safe, the world is yours, love it, take care of it, fill it with love, peace, understanding, support your brothers and sisters.”

I said:

I wonder what can I ask you if every time I think of you, I only feel and think of love?

Then, just ask me questions about love!

Is the world ready to hear only thoughts of love?

The world is and will be ready when you begin talking about love, so go ahead and begin doing that now.”

I said: How can I start doing it? Do I need to travel great distances to do it?

No, you do not need to travel great distances, you can begin by loving yourself, once you love yourself, you will be ready to begin loving everything and everybody around you, love those who love you, love those who seem not to love you, love those who seem angry and disappointed, love the flowers, the animals, the water, love all without restrictions, without limits.” Love is the most powerful force that can unite the world.

I reply: What does God think of?

God thinks how wonderful would be to see humanity smiling at any situation, finding each answer in love.”

God is casual, simple, easy to reach, easy to please.”

I said: How come you don’t get upset with all the offenses that we commit against you daily?

God: Because I look at all of you with eyes of love, compassion and great affection.”

I was as surprised as you are by the simplicity of His/Her answers. I always thought that Mother/Father God  used sophisticated, elegant words that just a few would understand.

It was important to me to notice that the above message came at exactly one year later I began to see the objects on the lake behind my home.

I have been writing to God, hoping to finish that book He/She asked me to write.

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