Growing up in a Colombian very modest family, we did not have access to radio or television when this song was released in 1971. I was 10 years old and had no idea who the Beatles or Led Zeppelin were. In fact, only until about two years ago I understood, for the first time, the lyrics of the song “Let it Be” by the Beatles. A story I mentioned under the column titled Mother Mary.

I had probably heard “Stairway to Heaven”, but did not know who sang it or where it came from until a few months ago when one morning I woke up with it humming in my mind, when I went to my computer I was directed to type the name of the song: “Stairway to heaven”. I read the lyrics and although they looked interesting to me I did not pay much attention. My mind was really busy trying to figure out the next steps I needed to take in my personal life. Then, I practically forgot about that, until a few days later (October 29, 2015) I woke up in the wee hours with the same humming of the song in my mind.

I went to the computer again ending up listening to the song several times, captivated by the beauty and impeccable composition of it. The humming of the song would not go away. It was chasing me the whole day and for days, that is when I knew that there must have been  something divine in it.

This extraordinary musical work has a deep, profound message from DIVINE MOTHER in one of her aspects: MOTHER MARY.

I have had goose bumps the whole time I have been writing this note, for which I take as a validation from her.

So, here it is what I think of the lyrics; should you disagree with it, it is okay, we do not have to share other person’s beliefs. Here it is:


I truly believe that this song was a message from Mother Mary, channeled by the author. I would like to thank Jimmy Page for allowing the wisdom to come through. I believe also that it is not a coincidence that this song has been played more than two million times on the radio since its release.

This message contains a great description of how deceptive the material world can be. A great example is this lady (usage of a female figure is relevant for it is from the Divine feminine that the final word comes from) who has held the materialistic perception of the mundane world, her belief system is based on the weak power of money she believes that to enter heaven she just needs to buy a ticket (stairway).


That is how strong the belief that money can buy everything has been ingrained in our minds that we cannot trust our thoughts for   the mind can trick us big time.

One of the reasons the song had such a great success, is because we basically identify ourselves with the craving for spiritual enlightenment, and the lyrics touched the most intimate part of us that has been crying to reach God for eons.

When he mentions the rings of smoke he was probably referring to the way light travels, he might have seen spirals of light and those who stand looking. (The monks of the Tibet perhaps?)

When we get attuned to the mind of God, the Creator will lead us to heaven, and for those who keep themselves attuned to it, life will be filled with joy (laughter). Taking the piper as a name for the Creator. (I read some review online comparing this part of the song to the book of Revelation 7:10 in the bible).

Here it is when the song begins to mention our beloved Mother Mary:

Don’t’ be alarmed by the possibility of critical events that shall lead to great changes on planet earth. It is just May Queen cleansing all that is not serving her well. May has been known the month of Mother Mary, the Queen of Angels. She agrees there are two paths you can take: Good and Evil, but also mentions that even though you can choose either way, there is always an opportunity to choose the path that suits more our soul’s needs.

For those who are not happy with the road they are on, there is still time to change direction.

God is calling us back home and that shall never stop. A last call to the materialistic ones: Don’t you see that your egos’ desires lie on the whispering wind? That material things can disappear in a nanosecond? Probably pointing out to what earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters can do.

As we continue walking on planet Earth our shadows taller than our souls are blind to discern the real truth (giving more power to what is seen with our physical eyes instead of to what we can see through our hearts, the door of our soul.)

This is the best part of all:  The lady he mentions at the end is no other than MOTHER MARY, who does not know her? Or at least have heard her name?



WHEN WE HAVE REMEMBERED THAT WE ALL ARE ONE AND ONE IS ALL, we set ourselves free and we can stop the wheel of reincarnation, repeating the birth-death cycle we have been attached to for eons.

We all shall have attained enlightenment/Nirvana, the ultimate goal of every soul.

What a profound and beautiful message from Mother Mary, it is a call to awakening, the awakening we all are looking for.

Thank you Mother Mary, thank you Jimmy Page.

Thank you for reading this humble comment,

My greatest hope is that Jimmy Page or Robert Plant somehow   read this thought and agree to sing the song I have composed for them. Maybe one day that could become a reality and we all get unite under one single desire: TO GET CLOSER TO OUR OWN SELVES, and BRING HEAVEN ON EARTH.


Morning Star


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