Christ Consciousness

“Let this light feel you completely, bathe you as a shield of protection.  Merge with it and keep that feeling throughout day and night.  Use this light as needed, as much as you wish.  There are many in prison, prisoners of their own limitations.  Use this light to get out of that prison; this is the light that frees you; the light that connects you with the Mind of God.  It dissolves any prison created by the mind – just trust and allow.  This light has immense power, use it every day; wear it like wearing your own clothing each day.  Send it to others as well, use it liberally without restrictions; send it to people, groups, countries, to Mother Earth.  It will help them liberate themselves of the chains.  Expand it, if you wish, expand it at your whim, it is for you. Fill your home, your organs, your mind, your brain to obtain mental clarity, for better health, for your well -being and for the well -being of all humanity, vibrate with this light, feel it.”

By Your Mother/Father God

Galactic Confederation

When I inquired as to the source and meaning of these photographs, I heard “Galactic Confederation” and the following message was relayed to me:

“The human race has been tainted. We are here to help humanity.  It is our desire to communicate with you, to express our gratitude and love towards humanity; it is our desire to assist humanity to step out of their physical reality.  We want to be seen by all. We want all to know that we are here to help.  We want all to know that there is only love here for all of you.
Thank you.”

Healing Energy

These photographs reflect a four-pointed star hologram. I was very intrigued by them. During meditation I asked for its meaning and I heard: “The second coming of Christ.”

Divine Light

The magnificent Light of the Creator is obvious in these beautiful photographs.

Sacred Geometry

Archangel’s Love

I cannot let the opportunity pass without sharing with you the love and assistance I have received from the Archangels. Archangel Michael and his team of angels dragged me out of the dark and made me see the light within. He has been my constant companion, assisting me in every single situation I have encountered. Early on, when I was in state of low consciousness, I was not able to clearly see Archangel Michael. However, as time went on, and as I became more focused and my level of consciousness increased, I slowly began to observe Archangel Michael in the form of sparkling light in the dark.

Archangel Michael, with his blue sword of truth, combats all negativity. He is always there, ready and willing to assist you. Simply calling out his name will bring him to your side, using his blue sword of truth to transform negativity and darkness into light, the light of God.

A recognized shaman and teacher mentioned to me that an orchestration of several Archangels were portraying themselves in this set of photographs, their intention being to fill each location with light.

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