Divine Mother’s Love

Divine Mother is Mother God, the feminine aspect of Mother/Father God. Divine Mother is the creator, she gave birth to creation. She is here to unify us, to bring us back to the truth that we are all ONE and the Love is the healing power that can change everything on this planet. Love can forgive, love can let go, love can open our hearts. Divine Mother is here with all her glory and Her feminine qualities of  support, love, compassion and oneness which are what the world needs at this time. She is everywhere, and her wisdom and love are Infinite.

If you have been longing for real LOVE, unconditional LOVE free of judgment, you have arrived at the right place. In a healing session with Divine Mother, you will be filled with Her unparalleled love, she will hold you, wrap you in Her arms and bring you into a relaxed state of mind. As the Mother of the Universe, She knows exactly what you need, how you feel, and understands your very deep soul’s desires. 

Divine Mother’s Healing is very deep and powerful yet sublime and subtle. In a session you heal mind, body and spirit by clearing blocks in your energy field that may be causing difficulties in any aspect of your life so that life force can flow again with its full power. This type of healing can be done in person or remotely, with the same great results. Is offered both in Spanish or in the English language.

She is there waiting to be noticed, ready to extend her hand and lift you from any difficult or negative circumstances you may be facing. 

Come, you will never regret doing it!

Enjoy the message below I received from Her for you.

While writing to God on the kitchen table, I heard:

“I am Divine Mother, I come in the name of truth,

I come in the name of Love,

I want you to learn the value of appreciation,

The value of gratitude-appreciate yourself

Learn to trust yourself

To love yourself

To be yourself

The veil has been lifted, you can see clear now

The road ahead is clear for you to move on

Move  on to your destiny, your path

Forget the worries, focus on yourself.


By Divine Mother

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