Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Welcome, beautiful beings, and thank you for visiting this website. Its primary purpose is to inspire you to search for a loving and peaceful life experience.

Feel free to browse around to determine how you can best achieve that purpose.  It is my desire to offer the vibrational Healing Sessions with Divine Mother. Please take a look at the column about Divine Mother to know more deeply about this type of healing. I am also, sharing with you some of the beautiful and mysterious photographs that assist me to discover my spiritual  purpose: The spiritual Healer in me.

The photographs you see in the gallery come from the Galactic Confederation, according to a message I received from them. The Galactic Confederation is an alliance of highly evolved spiritual beings from different Star Systems, who voice the will of God. Their desire is to make us aware of their presence and to help humanity evolve into a higher state of consciousness.

They are peaceful, loving, and highly intelligent; they bring love and light from a distance across the galaxy that is incomprehensible to any mind on Earth.

Much Love,

Lucero, Morning Star

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“I cannot report to you all the miracles that you have helped to create since your healing session with Divine Mother. Even though I work with Divine Feminine aspects like Mother Theresa and Lady Diana and even Lady Aurora and the Angels, it was so powerful! I felt a great lifting of many heavy energies from my energy field. The invocation and proclamations to the set of Masters, Archangels, the cutting of all karmic cords was a transformation for me. I experience the presence of Master Jesus, Mother Lakshmi and Archangel Michael, as well as Mary Magdalene. I feel I got a message that all will be well in my cellular health.”

Thank you and blessings

Marcia McMahon


“I have received several Divine Mother healing sessions facilitated by Lucero, two for myself and one she and I did for my grandson as a distance healing. In the two for me, Lucero was very tuned in to what was going on with me energetically–what issues and situations were blocking me. After each one, I felt so much lighter and clearer and noticed subtle shifts in how my life was moving along. The distance healing she did for my grandson was very powerful. He’s had issues of low self-esteem, anger, abandonment and others that she really picked up on. I also appreciated the amount of Divine Love and Light she showered him with–very much from her heart. The best part was that he called me the next day (he had been avoiding me because he thought he was disappointing me) and apologized for not connecting with me. He was much more positive and looking forward to some new things coming into his life. I highly recommend Lucero’s beautiful healing work and her loving spirit.”

GS from Sedona

“Last month, I had a Divine Mother Healing Session with Lucero due to an intense hip pain that was bothering me for a while. At some point during the session, I began to feel intense heat in my left leg and a lot of pressure that lasted for a while. At the end of the session, I got up curious to know what had happened or why that had happened just to realize that the hip pain was gone! To my surprise I had no pain at all! Besides that, some paranormal activity that had been following me for months has disappeared as well! I feel lighter, happier, and free for first time in months. I am very grateful to Divine Mother.”

German from Cali, Colombia



“I want to thank you for helping with my back pain. Before the session I had constant back pain in the lower back. I have had 3 surgeries in the last 30 years, the symptoms were pain and weakness. 10 days after the session, the pain and weakness in the lower back have dissapeared completely! four months have passed by and I am pain free! My back feels great. I will be grateful forever for freeing me of that problem in my life. God bless you.”

Drew Pickard, Hollywood, Fl.

“My experience during the Star Healing Intergalactic session part 1: When I laid down to start the session, as soon as I closed my eyes I saw the image of the Christ standing to my left and Lucero standing at his right. When she said that I would be elevated to another dimension when I was there with my eyes closed I could see the silhouette of more than one person working around my body. Also, when I was to release I saw different people, it felt like these were from past lives. I saw and African woman, her slave keeper, also men from the era of Christopher Columbus. It was a powerful experience.”

Sara/Miami, Fl

“The group healing session you directed was truly inspiring Lucero. I am so grateful that I could be a part of it! You are a gifted healer and your sincerity and purity of heart are epic!”

Carolyn from Ioha.

“My session with Lucero was wonderful and left me feeling serene and peaceful-yet refreshed and energized at the same time. I had chronic leg and hip pain-specially at night- for over 30 years. Since the treament with Lucero, the pain has lessened significantly, and the amount of pain meds I need at night has been cut in half. Another wonderful result from the session is that my long standing bad habit of fingernail biting has ceased- and I am about to celebrate by treating myself to a manicure!
Thank you so much Lucero, for your loving healing presence!”

Cheryl Kozak from Boca Raton, Fl

“I found Star Healing Intergalactic to be the most beneficial to my physical and emotional well-being. I feel great, my energy has cleared. I feel more focused and alive- I make decisins more easily-and the heavy feeling of grief has left me. I am so thankful for the greatly-lessened back pain (I continue to have times without pain! so this is good news) and for the lightening of my spirit. It is a relief to feel good again.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

J.T. Boca Raton, Fl.

“I could write a packet book trying to describe the privileged experience of hearing the call from Divine Mother through Lucero, whom, I lovingly called “ My teacher” for she is a marvelous channel of the love of Father/Mother God as well as the Ascended Masters. She facilitates, teaches, shares and sends Divine Light even at a distance.

My life has changed remarkably since she helped my soul to remember the divinity of my own being. I have received so much spiritual and physical healing since my spirit recognized itself of the Divine Truth after many healing sessions, each one full of an indescribable intensity. I am so grateful to count with such an amazing guide.

I will never get tired of appreciating her presence, her patience, her time, her efforts in these years of learning. I will never stop learning. I just pray that she can be always near. May the Divine Light keep inundating her being so she may continue assisting to heal body and soul to those, like me, who have forgotten our own Divinity.”

A very tight hug,

Monica, Italy.

“My experience with “Star Healing Intergalactic” has been extraordinary. I was looking for a treatment to soothe my constant back pain I had as a result of several surgeries in the past years, specially, one in my spinal cord. After that surgery, my doctor told me that I had to wear a supporting back brace DAY AND NIGHT for the rest of my life, in order to protect my back from unexpected movements that could eventually, hurt my spinal cord again.
I was never happy. I was limited in my personal life. I always prayed for a solution to this situation. Fortunately, Lucero told me about this type of “Star Healing Intergalactic” and I made the appointment right away. The results were amazing! the back pain is gone and I don’t need to use that annoying brace support again! besides that, the headache that has accompanied me, since that surgery, dissapeared after the session. Now, I can work and do shores at home freely. I also noticed that my addiction to chocolate has diminished as well!.”
I feel great! Thank you! (Translated from Spanish language)

Liliana Ruiz, Boca Raton, FL

“-Thank you Lucero for such a great session!”
from Sedona, AZ


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